Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Drum recordings near conlusion

Hello again.

So... It's been a week now and almost everything is done. Two songs still miss some parts + some tracks need possible fixes and fine tunings.

Niko left yesterday and now i'm with Janne. Nostalgic situation once again and finishing of drums is closing. Last week has been physically and mentally very challenging and yet very pleasurable week. THE very best drumming sessions i've ever had in many ways. Best tracks i have ever played, best sounds and production and what not.

Even the equipment is the best i've had around, despite all technical troubles. :)

The whole setup here in Imatra's Pässiniemi house has been top notch. Drumsetup, equipment, sauna, drinks, buddies, cookings, everything has been awesome.

Now, with the conclusion of these sessions, i'd like to thank Janne & Niko for their participation, relentless producing and engineering my playing, Laura for her unconditional support and her excellent cookings, which has kept us going, Pekka for his assistance and solowork, and last but not least, Aku, just for laughs, you made my day with the drumsticks. :D

'til next time. ;)


PS. Stay tuned for the for the "making of" video.

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