Friday, August 19, 2011

Drum recordings started

Hello once again. Finally after much delays, the recording of official drum tracks began. We started setting up tuesday with kit setup. Sound checking and some technical problems slowed us down a bit, but we were all set at thursday. The place of our choice (or actually must)  is my mothers apartment. Only spot for my drumkit at the moment. This place is very nostalgic for us, this was our first rehearsalroom and the 'sutdio' for making our 'Pohjola Kotimme..' demo. And yet again, were back, this time with way more experience and better equipment.

Soundcheck went ok, we are now using quite special setup, the kit is halftriggered, both mic'ed and triggered, except the bassdrum, we had to change it to a bassdrum pad because the crappy BD trigger broke. Sounds are excellent, best we have achieved this far.

This has been very fun session this far, our friend Pekka(who plays some solos on the album) is working here as a studio assistant and my girlfriend Laura(Shes a professional cook;) has been taking care of the catering. Quite professional.

We have had quite a few technical problems on the way, first the bassdrum trigger broke, then we had to nail the BD pad to the flood, so it doesnt slide all over the place and i'm running out of playable sticks. How embarrasing, everything else is so, so pro done and i run out of sticks! Fucking millenium crap! Luckily our bassist comes to aid, he's joining us tomorrow and will bring some new sticks with him.

Despite all these troubles we managed to record two songs yesterday and one today. Theres still few songs left & all the after fixing so there's plenty to do.

I've very much enjoyed myself, bit hard at times, must to play correctly, all the stress etc. but still i can honestly say, this album making has been the most fun, almost tops the recording of Noitakansa demo years back...

That's all for today, more to come tomorrow.


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