Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vocal recordings and solo guitars

Last few months were rather silent, but we managed to record guitar solos with a help of our pal Pekka Korhonen (more familiar as "the cameraman" in the Making of-videos). Pekka did an nice job, and we now have an excellent guitar solo on more than half of the songs!

Past weekend we spent in North Karelia, in Lari`s "summer" cottage, recording clean and also dirty vocals. We got a lot of good material, but there`s still plenty of work with vocal recordings in every department. This time we have such a great lyrics and arrangements, that we want to make the vocal tracks as good as possible.

In couple of weeks, on 20th of January, we will get a special visitor, when Juha Jyrkäs (familiar from Korpiklaani and also Poropetra and Tevana 3) comes to our studio to record his throat singing parts. On our last album Juha had a major role on many songs, and we want to continue the same pattern. Juha`s throat singing with it`s eerie, wild and ancient sound will make the finishing touch to many song, as you can hear & see on later videos.

No pictures this time, sorry, but the next video is being edited and uploaded soon.


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