Saturday, August 20, 2011

Drum recordings continue...

Its the 5th day of the drumming session, progress is slow but sure at the moment. We have now recorded four songs and theres four more to go... I'm tired, my feet are like concrete, two hours of sleep last night, not enough to keep things going for long enough. Anyway we recorded one more song today, tomorrow and monday is going to be a tough run.

Our bassist showed up to help us with the recordings and to keep out spirits up, thus releasing Pekka from 24/7 assistant job.

It seems that most of the technical problems are now solwed and now its only about my performance. I have to say, this far these drum tracks are THE best i've ever recorded, steady progress keeps the pressure up nicely.

Oh, i almost forgot, we've been helped out tremendously by our "professional" drummer friend, Aku Hyöppönen, recording this album wouldn't be possible without his pair of drumsticks. To be honest, i wouldn't use these for anything else than firewood. ;)

Sauna is warming up, i hope it will help out with my sore feet, theres some tough doublebass runs to come. Stay tuned.

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