Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kantele & others

It`s been over a half a year since last update, and that`s because there was very little progress during summer months. We were building us a new studio room, so there was no time or good place to record anything for a few months. We still managed to recorded percussions, jouhikko, some kanteles, flutes etc. already in spring, but failed to update this blog or video diary. Now the last few weeks has saw some good progress, wheels are spinning again, so I felt that I had to update the progress officially to fans and alike.

Pekka "The Cameraman" Korhonen a.k.a. "Kitaraman" and Microphoneman" has turned to "The Constructionman".

Studio, almost ready, from outside...
...and from inside.

  So ALMOST all the kanteles are now recorded, and also 90% of the vocals. Some backing vocals are still missing, as well as very little flutes, and that`s about it. I think we can get everything done in one good recording sessions, hopefully in near future. Pekka Korhonen has been helping a lot, as you can witness from these photos and from the upcoming video. We also have so much video material, that I don`t know how I can manage to fit it to a single video. 

Happy little producer.

Janne playing flute.

Expect a new "Making of..."-video in December. Greetings to our fans, I really believe the new album is worth the wait!


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