Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bass tracks completed.

It's been a few days break in my blog update because we have had very long days in the studio and my recording hours were stretched almost too long.

First day (March 19th.) I got two songs recorded as I mentioned in my first post. Day two (March 20) I got 5 songs finished and the last recording day (March 21th.) I finished two remaining songs. The official recording session took three days and i got all my tracks done. Altogether, the sessions lasted for four days which included bass recordings of course, but also some video shooting which we will shortly release in youtube  as an addition to this studio diary.

All of the final tracks sound very good and accurate and everyone was satisfied with the outcome. So what we had left for today was to do a final listen-through of the official basstracks, finish the video editing and deconstruct our new mobile studio.

By the way i never had thought that filming of a "making of" document + doing some interviewing would be so difficult. I noticed that my english language skills aren't very good and there's very many authetic catches and finglish “rally tankero” words in the video. It's much easier to do and act in music videos and just focus on playing (if it's a playing oriented video) and of course speaking your native language is easier than try to be convincing with some other language for example in english. Fortunately, no one took my finglish mistakes very seriously and we still made a good video material.

I'm very happy at the moment, now there's a bass guitar in all songs. But i am also so tired that i have to go rest now and get some sleep. We had a really good time in a studio at my place and this is a good start.

For the present we take a little break from recordings, but we'll get back soon and the next time there's some other person to do his responsibilities.


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